A baton is passed on

Arnold Gutberlet joined the WERNER Gruppe in 1979. In addition to moving what is now TECLAC to its actual location in Fulda, Industriegebiet West, in 1982, he had a crucial role in the continuous development and growth of the TECLAC company. Mr Gutberlet adopted a broad range of market impulses and has led the company to its current stature and importance.

“When I joined the current WERNER Gruppe almost 40 years ago, there was a spraying booth in the painting department of the sister company DAMIAN WERNER. Thanks to a high level of trust, backing and entrepreneurial boldness, it was possible to develop the TECLAC we can admire today. I can proudly look back on the 40 years of my career and pass on the baton with optimism,“ Arnold Gutberlet said.

After the major fire in 2010, Mr Gutberlet, joined with all TECLAC employees to rebuild the company with great skill and commitment. In this way he laid the foundations for its further growth. In the coming months, Mr Gutberlet and Niklas Werner will guarantee an orderly transition within the management of the company. In the future, Mr. Werner will further develop the cooperation with the partners and customers of TECLAC Werner GmbH in his function as Managing/Sales Director.