TECLAC invests in comprehensive new coating technology

VEN: 21 flat belt painting plant - TECLAC - Fulda
The beginning of 2022 will see a completely reworked flat belt painting plant enter operation at the Fulda site.

Trainee start at the WERNER Gruppe in 2019

Apprenticeship start in 2019 - WERNER Gruppe
“YOUR TURN!”, this is the invitation to you. With the start of the apprenticeship on 1 August the motto is now "OUR TURN!" for the first day together in the companies of the WERNER Gruppe. Be ambitious from the beginning. In the spirit of getting to know each other, the new …

Challenge run in Fulda

On Saturday, 25 May 2019, it was time: as TEAM WERNER GRUPPE, the runners and walkers of TECLAC Werner GmbH joined with the other teams from the WERNER Gruppe companies for this year‘s RhönEnergie Challenge in Fulda.

Environmental management system now also certified at TECLAC

Environmental protection and efficient use of resources is the declared goal of the management of TECLAC Werner GmbH. An energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 was introduced and certified at our Fulda site in 2013 and at the site in St. Egidien in Lichtenstein, Saxony in 2016. …

Welcome Day 2018 – First day at the WERNER Gruppe for new trainees and dual students

Welcome Day 2018 - Start of new trainees and dual students in the WERNER Gruppe. Right from the beginning, the sky was the limit.