TECLAC invests in comprehensive new coating technology

The beginning of 2022 will see a completely reworked flat belt painting plant enter operation at the Fulda site. This will enable TECLAC to continue to offer flexible and high-quality solutions for the coating of plastics, with the following focus in particular:

  • Up to 2-coat, high-gloss coating systems
  • Fully integrated infra-red and UV drying systems
  • Application of liquid chrome (chrome replacement coating)


Requirements of efficiency, quality and flexibility can be consistently met with the investment, enhancing customer benefit.

“This investment will make TECLAC considerably more flexible from early 2022 onwards. The expanded range of plant technology in our portfolio means we will be able to offer something for all customers,” says Dirk Steen, Head of Sales and Project Management at TECLAC. “All project requirements will be able to be spread out in optimal form across the entire spectrum.”

The focal points of modernisation lie in state-of-the-art control technology with real time recording of operational data, the expansion of the coating window for complex product geometries and the fully integrated UV and infra-red drying technology. Further measures ensure consistently high quality and optimise product and material handling via a new plant layout featuring integrated logistics.

Material logistics are optimised and handling simplified, whilst relevant data from production can be accessed and displayed in transparent form. This state-of-the-art transparency enables plant controls and relevant parameters to be adjusted within the process itself. “Our aim is to deliver the required specifications in continuously reproducible form with an appropriate outcome. Reliability is our goal,” says Dirk Steen.